Kick-off meeting of Argo-2030, PIE PIANO et CPER ObsOcean projects

The year 2021 was marked by the funding of three major projects related to the international Argo programme: the ESR/Equipex+ Argo-2030 by the ANR; the PIANO project by Ifremer's Exceptional Investment Plan; and the ObsOcean project, which is in the process of being included in the Higher Education, Research and Innovation section of the future State-Region Plan Contract 2021-2027 for the Brittany region.
 These three projects have been built in a complementary way, and allow France to maintain its leadership within Argo, in terms of contribution to the deployment of profilers at sea, technological developments and associated scientific research.

The CPER Bretagne ObsOcean also supports coastal and littoral observation (IR ILICO) in the Brittany region, through the ROEC ILICO project.

 A kick-off meeting for the Argo-2030 project was held on the morning of 17 January in pesence of NAR (French Research National Agency), followed by the kick-off meeting for the Argo-2030, ObsOcean and PIANO projects on the afternoon of 17 January 2022 by video conference.

The kick-off meeting was followed on 18 January by a working meeting with the participants of the Argo projects.

A meeting dedicated to the ROEC project supported during the previous CPER Bretagne was also organised by Guillaume Charria in addition to this kick-off meeting.

Open session meeting report  (in French) : application/pdf 20220117_CR_Réunion_Kick-off_meeting_projetsArgo_Session_ouverte_VF

The presentations of the open session can be downloaded below, those of the partner session can be downloaded from the Copil/project area and are only accessible to Argo project members :









4.1_E_Leymarie_PIANO_WP2-WP3 _Nouveaux capteurs_KOM_Argo_J1





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