A complementary approach

After several years of development and testing (including the PIA-1 Equipex project "NAOS" in France), a new phase of the Argo programme is being implemented and will also lead to a new phase for Argo-France. This will include an extension to deeper waters (Deep-Argo) and the development of the biogeochemical float network (BGC-Argo).

For this new phase of Argo, France aims to deploy about 80 Argo floats per year over the period 2021-2028: 30 standard Temperature & Salinity floats, 20 floats with oxygen sensors (Argo-O2), 15 deep floats (Deep-Argo) and 15 floats with biogeochemical sensors (BGC-Argo).

Argo-France relies on 5 complementary projects to achieve this objective: the Ifremer PIE PIANO, the Equipex+ Argo-2030, the CPER Bretagne ObsOcean, the CPER Sud Mariosa and the ERC REFINE.

The Argo component of the CPER Bretagne ObsOcean is essentially dedicated to the acquisition of floats (and the management of acquired data) for the new phase of Argo 2021-2027 (standard floats, Argo-O2, Deep-Argo-4000, BGC floats).

The Ifremer PIE PIANO is mainly dedicated to technological developments concerning the vector and sensors to consolidate existing technologies and develop the second generation of BGC and Deep floats.

The Equipex Argo-2030 is dedicated to the acquisition of second generation BGC and Deep floats (BGC-ECO and Deep-6000) developed in the PIE PIANO and in the ERC Refine.

Given the cost of the BGC floats, the annual purchase of 13-15 BGC floats for the new Argo phase is spread over the CPER ObsOcean and CPER Sud projects MARIOSEA, PIE PIANO, EQUIPEX Argo-2030 and ERC REFINE (about 2-3 floats/year/project).