The second annual meeting of the Argo project partners

The second annual meeting of the Argo project partners has been be held on 26 September 2023 at Ifremer in the Lucien Laubier conference room and by videoconference.

The afternoon (14:00-18:00) of 26 September (open session) was dedicated to the projects associated with the Argo program (Argo component of the ObsOcean project, ESR Equipex+ Argo-2030 and Ifremer PIE PIANO projects).

The agenda can be downloaded here:

application/pdf 20230926_Agenda-Reunion_annuelle_projets_Argo_Session_publique_VF

The morning of 26 September was dedicated to the coastal component of the CPER ObsOcean ROEC-ILICO project and to the CPER ROEC project restitution.

The minutes are available on the project part of this website (secured access).

Presentations :


Argo-BGC project's contribution

Deep-Argo project's contribution

Oxygen data at the crossroads of Core-Argo, Deep-Argo and BGC-Argo

Transversal actions to the 3 projects ObsOcean/Piano/Argo-2030