In 2020, Ifremer has decided to set up an Exceptional Scientific Investment Plan (PIE), with a budget of €50M. Among the projects selected, the Piano project (Argo New Observations Investment Plan) is a strong support to the Euro-Argo Very Large Research Infrastructure (TGIR), and to the technologies implemented through all the Argo components: Core-Argo, the initial Argo programme for the measurement of pressure, temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen in the first 2,000 metres of the ocean, Deep-Argo, for the same measurements beyond 2,000 metres, and BGC-Argo, for all the bio-geo-chemical applications (BGC).

The project therefore aims to develop new technologies for Argo:

  • Develop new sensors;
  • Develop a new 6000 metre profiler;
  • Improve existing technologies;
  • Validate all these technological developments with the deployment of prototypes at sea;
  • Contribute to TGIR purchases and data processing.