Photo exhibition " International Argo programme: heading for 2030! ".

From 5 to 31 January 2022, Ifremer, Anita Conti hall (Bougainville building of the Brittany centre).

The international Argo programme collects information measured at the heart of the oceans, using profilers. These instruments drift with the ocean currents, moving vertically through the water column. The data collected in this way, which describe the physics and bio-geochemistry of the oceans, allow us to better understand their role and response to climate change, and to improve estimates of its future evolution.
Through a selection of 10 photos, taken during the Equipex NAOS (Novel Argo Ocean Observing System, 2010-2020), the Argo-France team invites you to discover the variety of Argo's components and the activity of its teams.
A poster also presents the three projects that will drive the Argo-France teams over the next decade: the CPER ObsOcean, the PIE Piano and the PIA3 Argo-2030*. These projects will maintain the French contribution to Argo at around 10% of the network, and will finance the development and scientific exploitation of new sensors and profilers.
* CPER: State-Region Plan Contract, PIE: Ifremer's Exceptional Investment Plan, PIA3: 3rd wave of the Future Investment Programme