The French Argo national program aims to contribute to the international Argo program and to do so, relies on the SNO Argo-France and the Coriolis partnership. Argo-France gathers all the French activities related to Argo and its extension toward deep and biogeochemical measurements.

The objectives of Argo-France are the following:

  • to provide research quality Argo data to the French scientific community in order to foster and promote the French contribution to climate studies, and more generally to oceanographic research conducted with Argo data (physical and biogeochemical parameters) ether directly or through re-analysis or assimilation products.
  • to consolidate and organise the French contribution to the international Argo program and to the European research infrastructure Euro-Argo
  • to consolidate and strengthen the Argo-BGC network development of biogeochemical parameters measurements from Argo floats
  • to promote extension of observation sites from new Argo deep profiling floats and an Argo-deep network development.