National Steering Committee

In 2014 several milestones were reached: (i) a new Coriolis convention for the 2014-2020 period, (ii) successful R&D on new floats and scheduled pilot arrays and (iii) a consolidated Argo-France contribution to the network with the Euro-Argo setup. After several years of intense re-organization and evolution it was time to enact that the Argo-France program covers a large number of activities under the responsibility of several institutions (Ifremer, CNRS, SHOM, …) or consortium (Coriolis) and that all or subsets of activities are accredited with different labels (SNO, TGIR, …) while some are conducted within specific projects (funded by ERC, ANR, CPER, EQUIPEX, …). Throughout this complex landscape, people strongly involved in Argo-France were missing an independent body to coordinate and plan the mid-to-long term national effort to the Argo array.

Beginning in late 2014, an Argo-France scientific steering team is in charge for the national coordination of the Argo-France program in order to provide to each component of the program (operational and research communities) a mid-to-long term perspective on the evolution of Argo in France.

The Argo-France scientific steering team will gather and disseminate the technological and scientific information needed for strategic planning and decision making of the national program.

Members of the steering team are: the national coordinator (G. Maze), the scientific coordinators of the core and extension missions (G. Maze/N. Kolodziejczyk: core + deep, F. D’Ortenzio: BGC and V. Thierry: core + BGC-O2) and coordinators of operational and infrastructure activities from Coriolis (N. Lebreton/ N. Poffa for data acquisition at sea, T. Carval for the data center and S. Pouliquen for the data management and TGIR).

The steering team objectives are:

  • to ensure that strategic choices made in different domains of activity are coherent and in line with needs of the national research community,
  • to promote interactions between projects and operational activities, especially between technological floats development, at sea operations, Coriolis DAC and research conducted in laboratories,
  • to develop a strategy for mid-term deployments (>2 ans) for the French Argo fleet (core mission and extensions),
  • to provide a recommendation on the annual deployment plan elaborated by the data acquisition at sea Coriolis component,
  • to supervise the annual report on the Argo-France program transmitted to the AST.